6.1 7600.16385.


6.1 7600.16385





6.1 7600.16385.


Multimedia: FAVC v.one.03

FAVC is a free graphical interface for various video utilities that allows you to convert one or several AVI / MOV / MWV / ASF / AVS / VDR files into a format suitable for recording on DVD and subsequent playback on a regular (consumer) DVD player. As an output, you will receive a DVD burning folder and / or a ready-made ISO image. To run the program, you need Avisynth v.2.56a + and .NET Framework version 2+.

Take FAVC v.one.03 can be found at these addresses (Freeware):

  • For Windows 32-bits (10.3 MB)
  • For Windows 64-bits (10.4 MB)

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