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Double Record: NEC Electronics Shows What the ARM Processor Core Can Do

Two records were set at once by the corporation NEC Electronics, which presented two 32-bit ARM-products. The novelties are intended for use in single-chip systems for network equipment, wireless communications, data warehouses, devices for automotive, consumer and industrial electronics.

The first product – designed for 90nm process technology and such a frequency of 700 MHz (931 MHz under nominal process conditions) dual-core implementation of ARM11 MPCore – is currently the fastest ARM product on the market. The second – 130nm ARM926EJ-S processor core, clocked at 400 MHz (532 MHz under nominal process conditions) – is the fastest product in its category.

According to the manufacturer, the ARM11 MPCore product, which uses the ARM11 microarchitecture, provides maximum performance through multi-core at a lower clock speed than comparable single-core processors, which can provide significant cost savings in electronic device development. Full compatibility with existing development tools and workflows simplifies the design and manufacture of multi-core solutions, reduces time to market.

NEC Electronics ARM926EJ-S processor uses 130nm technology that the company uses in its ASICs, eliminating the risks of tighter regulations and lowering product costs. This 32-bit RISC processor with DSP-enhanced enhancements is well suited for applications that require a DSP + MCU link.

ARM926EJ-S processor available in NEC Electronics CB-130M IP Library. The company promises to make the multi-core ARM11 MPCore processor available for integration into single-chip systems by the end of this year, as part of the CB-90M IP library.

Source: NEC Electronics

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