Adaptec scsi card 39160.


Adaptec scsi card 39160





Adaptec scsi card 39160.


Compact supercomputer with AMD processors can be built for $ 1256

A student and professor at Calvin College have created an inexpensive and relatively mobile (next summer, one of the authors of the project plans to take it on a trip from the USA to England) supercomputer.

The system, called Microwulf, according to the creators, is one of the most compact and economical supercomputers in the world. Microwulf claims performance of 26.25 GFLOPS (billions of floating point operations per second). For comparison, this is more than twice the performance of the IBM Deep Blue supercomputer, famous for its victory over Kasparov in 1997. By the way, the construction of Deep Blue then cost the company five million dollars.

Structurally, the Microwulf supercomputer is a “stack” of four motherboards designed for the installation of dual-core processors (now they are AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+, in the future it is possible to switch to quad-core models) and interconnected using an eight-port Gigabit Ethernet switch. The cost of all system components, a complete list of which is given on one of the project pages, at the time of the start of work on the project was $ 2,470. Today, thanks to lower prices for components, Microwulf can be built for $ 1,256, the authors of the project say on their website.

According to the project manager, Microwulf’s cost per GFLOPS is the lowest among similar systems. Works supercomputer running Ubuntu Linux OS.

Source: Calvin College

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