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Ageia technologies inc


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Agela offers chromatography products for Sample Preparation, HPLC analysis, and Purification product solutions such as screw-on flash columns, bulk media, and Purification Systems. Agela has expanded it’s product offerings to include additional accessories and systems. Attorney: Joseph Neev YBEAM TECHNOLOGIES, INC Lake Forest Drive Suite D6, Lake Forest, CA Employee: Christina B King. Ageia Technologies, Inc, Forest Park Ave., Saint Louis, MO Good evening, I am new to this forum – Hello to everybody! I just have installed a fresh Win 7 Prof. 64 Bit as well as the latest NVIDIA driver () for my GTX Afterwards I saw that there is a new folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\ which is named AGEIA Technologies.


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AGEIA Technologies, Inc. Type Information; ID: Vendor Devices. Type Vendor ID Vendor Name Device ID Device Name More; PCI: AGEIA Technologies, Inc. Physics Processing Unit [PhysX] Vendor Device Made with ️ by Doug Thwaites. Jan 18,  · AGEIA™ Technologies, Inc., the pioneer in hardware-accelerated physics for games, and Emergent Game Technologies announced today that they have signed a licensing agreement to integrate the AGEIA PhysX™ SDK into version of Emergent’s Gamebryo 3D graphics engine & tools. AGEIA Technologies, Inc. is a developer of system tools. Best software by AGEIA Technologies, Inc.
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empty AGEIA folder after driver installation… ?!
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Bloomberg – Are you a robot?
According to Octillion, nanoparticles helped improve solar cell efficiency by 60-70%

According to Octillion, research has confirmed that silicon nanoparticles, such as those used in Octillion’s “first-of-its-kind electricity-generating transparent window glass,” can dramatically increase the efficiency of conventional silicon solar cells.

Experiments in which nanoparticles were applied to the surface of solar cells showed that the batteries began to generate more electricity – the efficiency increased by 60-70% in the ultraviolet range and by 10% in the visible part of the spectrum.

According to Octillion President and CEO, Harmel S. Rayat), this is a significant increase. It is especially important that efficiency is improved in the ultraviolet part of the spectrum, which is usually not converted to electricity and leads to heat loss and battery wear.

As part of the experiment, the scientists integrated ultra-thin films of silicon nanoparticles 1 and 3 nm in size directly onto a conventional polysilicon element (BP Solarex). In appearance, the layer is transparent, which made it possible to use it in Octillion products.

The results of the researchers’ work are published in the August issue of Applied Physics Letters, published by the American Institute of Physics.

Octillion is a technology incubator that focuses on finding, acquiring, developing and commercializing promising solar energy and related technologies.

These include the aforementioned technology of applying thin films on window glass, which turns the windows of houses and offices into sources of electrical energy.

Working primarily in the ultraviolet range, “windows” are photovoltaic cells that provide consumers with an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wire-fed electricity.

So far, the silicon nanoparticle film production process is protected by 10 US patents and 2 other countries. Seven more applications were filed in the United States and 19 in other countries of the world.

Source: Octillion

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