Almacenamiento masivo usb.


Almacenamiento masivo usb





Almacenamiento masivo usb.


Belkin Wireless 4-Port USB Hub Helps Organize Your Space Conveniently

A wired connection between a desktop PC or laptop and peripheral devices such as scanners, printers, external drives significantly limits the space for their placement, forcing the user to group all equipment in the work area. It is not always convenient. For example, if the printer is located on a desk, it is impossible to view photos and immediately print the ones you like, sitting with a laptop in an easy chair located in another corner of the room.

New to Belkin’s range of products is USB-IF Certified, allowing you to connect a variety of USB devices to your computer in a convenient location without cluttering up the space with cables. The declared maximum transfer rate is 480 Mbps.

Printers, USB drives, cameras, universal players are connected to a hub, and a special adapter is installed in the PC. The declared communication radius is 10 m, which, for example, allows laptop owners to move freely with their computers around the room, while maintaining connection with peripheral devices.

Belkin Wireless USB Hub (F5U302) US $ 200. The launch of the product on the markets of Europe, Asia and Australia is scheduled for August.

Source: Belkin International

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