Three new Sony optical drives for every taste

Sony yesterday announced three new optical recording drives in different form factors.

Two full-format new items of the 840-series, DRU-840A and DRX-840U, have, respectively, internal and external versions. The first of the models is equipped with an ATAPI interface, the second is USB.

The rest of their specifications are identical, they have the highest speed characteristics for working with DVD today:

  • DVD ± R: 20x
  • DVD ± R DL: 12x
  • DVD + RW: 12x
  • DVD-RW: 6x
  • DVD-RAM: 12x
  • CD-R: 48x
  • CD-RW: 32x

Complete with new items will be supplied with the full version of the Nero 7 Express software.

The third drive presented yesterday was a slim external DRX-S70U with a USB interface.

Its speed characteristics are more modest:

  • DVD ± R: 8x
  • DVD ± R DL: 4x
  • DVD + RW: 8x
  • DVD-RW: 6x
  • DVD-RAM: 5x
  • CD-R: 24x
  • CD-RW: 24x

The $ 70 DRU-840A is now on sale, and the $ 110 DRX-840U and $ 130 DRX-S70U will go on sale next month.

Source: Sony

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