Amd radeon 5800 series.


Amd radeon 5800 series





Amd radeon 5800 series.


Integrated Silicon Solution Introduces 4Mbps Asynchronous SRAM with 5V Power Supply

In the range of Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. (ISSI), specializing in high-speed, low-power memory for mobile devices, networking equipment, consumer electronics and onboard systems of cars, a new line of asynchronous memory SRAM devices has appeared. The microcircuits have a density of 4 Mbit, are designed to be powered from a 5 V source and are presented in two versions of the logical organization – 512K x 8 and 256K x 16.

The novelties combine high performance and low power consumption: access time does not exceed 10 ns, and the quiescent current is 200 nA. For the production of memory, the CMOS process technology with 0.13 microns is used, the strong point of which, according to the company, is a high percentage of product yields.

The memory is available in two versions, designed for use in consumer, industrial and automotive electronics, respectively.

Chips wholesale price is $ 3.5. 512Kx8 IS61C5128AX and IS64C5128AX (“automotive”) memory is available in 36-pin SOJ (400-mil), 32-pin sTSOP-I, TSOP-II and SOP, 44-pin TSOP-II packages. Memory 256Kx16 IS61C25616X and IS64C25616X (“automotive”) – in 44-pin SOJ and TSOP-II packages. While preview samples are presented, the company promises to start serial deliveries in September.

Source: ISSI

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