Amd radeon 7500 driver windows 10.


Amd radeon 7500 driver windows 10





Amd radeon 7500 driver windows 10.


AMD: “The most anticipated premiere of the year will take place …”

AMD is preparing to launch the first true x86-compatible quad-core processor on the market.

The PR department of the company has sent out invitations to IT journalists to the “most anticipated premiere of 2021”, which is to take place on September 10 at the Letterman Digital Arts Premier Theater, owned by George Lucas himself. human).

Western sources joke that such a premiere is unlikely to be the movie “The Simpsons Movie”, whose release is scheduled for the same period.

Undoubtedly, AMD will announce Barcelona on 10 September. Usually, such large-scale presentations are made on Tuesday, but AMD is well aware that the release of server processors will not receive due attention on the anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

The deliveries of the first batches of the updated Opteron to server builders will begin, as previously announced, at the end of August.

Mass announcements of new servers and workstations from many manufacturers who have expressed a desire to use Barcelona, ​​presumably, will be made public on September 10.


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