Amd radeon hd 3830.


Amd radeon hd 3830





Amd radeon hd 3830.


LG is preparing LCD screens with a contrast ratio of 5000: 1

According to the source, LG intends to seriously raise its attitude soon
contrast in LCD matrixes. This will be achieved thanks to
proprietary technology Digital Fine Contrast.


It is stated that monitors manufactured using this technology will have the most
high contrast, its ratio will be 5000: 1. Expected that
the company will equip all new models except the M8W, L18, L196WS and Fantasy-series,
such matrices.

The two new monitors released by the company also have this outstanding
contrast – L206WU (pictured above) and L227WT. The first of them has a diagonal of 20 “,
and the second is 22 “. In addition to high contrast, the image on them promises to be
correct in terms of color gamut, which thanks to Wide technology
Color Gamut must cover 100% (NTSC). Matrices in these monitors
are also characterized by a high reaction speed, which is 2 ms.

The time of appearance of such interesting monitors is November of this year. About prices so far
no information.

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