Amped wireless ua600.


Amped wireless ua600





Amped wireless ua600.


Home Media Research: Blu-ray doubles HD-DVD in the US market

Sales of Blu-ray discs in the largest market doubled that of HD-DVD discs in the first half of the year, according to a source citing a report from analyst firm Home Media Research.

Home Media Magazine estimates the total number of Blu-ray discs sold between January 1 and July 1 to be 1.6 million. PC. Discs HD-DVD, during the same time, it was sold 795,000 pcs.

In total, about 3.7 million have already been sold in the USA. new generation optical discs. Of them – 2.2 million. Blu-ray discs and 1.5 million. – HD-DVD discs.

Recall that the confrontation between the Blu-ray format proposed by Sony and HD-DVD developed by Toshiba has been going on for several years, having entered an active phase in 2021, when the first media and devices for working with them officially debuted on the market. Moreover, the overwhelming superiority of one of the two formats of optical carriers of the new generation, which would make it possible to state a clear and unconditional victory, has not yet been recorded. From time to time, there are reports according to which the scales are tilted in one direction or the other, so many consumers prefer not to rush to make a choice and pin their hopes on the appearance in the mass sale of equipment capable of “understanding” both discs.

Source: Reuters

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