Atheros ar9002wb-1ng 5ghz.


Atheros ar9002wb-1ng 5ghz





Atheros ar9002wb-1ng 5ghz.


+ 300% speed – new AMD 3D accelerators for professionals: ATI FireGL V8650, V8600, V7600, V5600 and V3600

At SIGGRAPH 2021, AMD Announces Five New High-Performance Workstation Graphics Accelerators in the ATI FireGL Series. The novelties are designed to be installed in systems used by professionals in the field of computer design, preparation of multimedia materials and medical imaging. ATI FireGL V8650, FireGL V8600, FireGL V7600, FireGL V5600 and FireGL V3600 cards are based on new generation ATI graphics chips with unified processing elements (maximum number up to 320). Boards support DirectX 10 and OpenGL According to the manufacturer, in comparison with the previous generation models, the new items provide a performance increase of more than 300%.

High memory capacity is one of the key features of the ATI FireGL V8650 – an industry first with 2GB of memory on a single board.

A unique advantage of AMD cards is called the AutoDetect function, which automatically optimizes driver settings depending on the executable application. It is important that the setting is performed even when several programs are running at the same time. This frees the user from having to manually make application-specific settings.

Supports Microsoft Vista, configurations with multiple GPUs, including output to four displays connected to two 3D cards installed in the system. The manufacturer emphasizes that the computing resources of graphic cards, characterized by massive parallelism, can be used in structural analysis tasks, calculations of physical and financial models.

Start of deliveries of new ATI FireGL models should be expected in September. The list of new products looks like this:

  • ATI FireGL V8650: processor – R600XTX (320 unified processing elements), core frequency – 700 MHz, memory size – 2 GB, memory bus width – 512 bits, recommended price – $ 2799;
  • ATI FireGL V8600 (top photo): Same as ATI FireGL V8650, but 1GB RAM and $ 1,899 MSRP
  • ATI FireGL V7600: processor – R600PRO (320 unified processor elements), core frequency – 600 MHz, memory size – 512 MB, memory bus width – 256 bits, recommended price – $ 999;
  • ATI FireGL V5600 (middle photo): processor – RV630XT (120 unified processor elements), core frequency – 800 MHz, memory size – 512 MB, memory bus width –128 bits, recommended price – $ 599;
  • ATI FireGL V3600 (bottom photo): processor – RV630PRO (120 unified processor elements), core frequency – 600 MHz, memory size – 256 MB, memory bus width –128 bits, recommended price – $ 299.

Source: AMD

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