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Internet & Networks: Semonitor v.3.6

A new version of Semonitor 3 has been released.6 from FlamingoSoft. Since it was launched on the market five years ago, Semonitor has gained popularity among users as a universal tool for checking website rankings in search engines. Today Semonitor 3.6 – a full-fledged optimization package that provides many opportunities for promoting a web resource on the Internet.

Version 3.6 contains several significant changes that have affected the most popular module “Positioning”:

  • Added the ability to see the best position that the site has ever taken for a given keyword to the already familiar data about the current position of the site.
  • The function of “highlighting” the position of the site in the report is included – this adds clarity and allows you to track the results of promotion in the search engine results (depending on the location, the cells can be colored in different colors). Thus, it is possible to evaluate “successful” and “problem” keywords.
  • The report now provides data on the popularity of the keywords being checked, which helps to determine not only the quality of promotion for a given request, but also its value.
  • There is a new parameter – visibility index. When calculating it, data on the popularity of search engines are used (the percentage of requests processed by each search engine, its popularity among Internet users), as well as the position occupied by a keyword in this search engine. As a result, we get the total percentage of users who will see information about the promoted site.

“The visibility index will probably be of interest not so much to the optimizers themselves – they can determine the success of the promotion without any calculations – but to their clients, as it allows even an unprepared person to assess the quality of website promotion in one glance,” says Nikita Melkin, the author of the project.

The familiar look of reports in the new version has remained unchanged. All innovations are optional, so users can change the settings themselves and choose the desired type of report.

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