Ati mobility radeon x600 driver.


Ati mobility radeon x600 driver





Ati mobility radeon x600 driver.


I-O Data DVRP-UN8LX: Slim 4x external drive for DL ​​discs

I-O Data presented a new
external writer
DVD drive – model DVRP-UN8LX, which is connected to a computer via an interface
USB and is capable of writing dual layer discs with
speed 4x.

The speed formula looks like this: 8x DVD + R / -R, 4x DVD + R / -R DL, 6x DVD-RW, 5x DVD-RAM.

Features of I-O Data DVRP-UN8LX:

  • Supported formats: DVD-ROM / DVD-Video / CD-ROM (mode1 / mode2) / CD-ROM
    XA / CD-I / CD-DA (Audio CD) / CD Extra / CD-TEXT / PhotoCD / Video CD

  • Horizontal and
    vertical loading of disks

  • Disc access time: DVD-ROM: 180ms and CD-ROM:
    150ms and DVD-RAM: 300ms

  • Buffer: 2 MB
  • Power: USB,
    power adapter

  • Interface: USB 2.0 / USB
  • Dimensions: 138x143x21mm
  • Labelflash support
  • Weight: 380 g

Compared with DVRP-UN8PL2 model, recording time
DVD-RAM discs on the new DVRP-UN8LX drive decreased
from 27.49 min. up to 14.43 min.

The cost of the I-O Data DVRP-UN8LX is $ 168.
It will be on sale (initially in Japan) in August this year.

Source: I-O Data

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