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Photo of the day: TEMPO “hardware file basket” concept

The original concept of the computer device was proposed by the Italian designer Franco Kangina.

He developed nothing more than a prototype of a “hardware file basket”, whose prototype almost every one of us can see on his desktop of the operating system.

The project was named TEMPO. It is a separate external hard drive for communication with a PC using the Bluetooth interface. When a user deletes a file, it is not physically deleted, but is moved to TEMPO.

In this case, the indicator of the “hardware basket” at any time shows the degree of its filling, as it would be with a regular waste basket.

The designer notes that his project is far from the stage of implementation in a product that is actually available on the market.

The product seems to be very interesting, but in real life, the user is unlikely to want to wait for several hours until the next removable DVD image is transferred to TEMPO via Bluetooth.

Source: Cangina Design

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