Canon d460 490 driver.


Canon d460 490 driver





Canon d460 490 driver.


XEROX: fluorescent printing prevents counterfeit documents?

XEROX has developed fluorescent mark technology using conventional digital printers.

Fluorescent stripes are one of the most common ways to confirm the authenticity of banknotes. The XEROX solution provides the same level of protection for any printed document without the use of special inks.

The technology is based on the selective use of the fluorescent properties of paper, manifested when printed on a digital four-color printer, which allows applying fluorescent markings or codes that are visible only under ultraviolet light. They are applied using a specially developed combination of conventional “dry” ink, already available in standard cartridges for xerographic printers.

“What is most striking about the new technology is that we can create fluorescent writing on a digital printer without using fluorescent ink,” says Rainer Eschbach, Research Scientist
XEROX innovation group.

The developers have found that office paper makers are already adding fluorescent additives to make it brighter. Then to Rainer Eshbach and Raya Bala (employee
XEROX innovation group, color printing specialist, co-developer of the patented printing method) have been able to find certain ink combinations that allow paper to exhibit its fluorescent properties under ultraviolet light. Guided by this discovery, experts
XEROX has developed a technology for applying a “white” fluorescent image (text), working on the basis of the contrast effect.

New custom technology included in Xerox FreeFlow Variable Information Suite 5.0 which
XEROX offers commercial printing companies as well as large enterprises producing personalized documents.

Source: XEROX

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