Canon mf3200 series.


Canon mf3200 series





Canon mf3200 series.


AMD is committed to protecting the planet from global warming

One of the largest microprocessor manufacturers has published updated plans for 2021 and beyond to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The program covers the company’s production facilities located in different parts of the world, its buildings and manufactured products.

The seventh plan, the Global Climate Protection Plan, reaffirmed the company’s strategic commitment to reducing its climate impact through more energy efficient products and sustainable production. Since 2021, the company has exceeded the EPA’s Climate Leaders target and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2021.

What Helped AMD Achieve Its Goal?

Firstly, the expansion of production in Dresden, which receives energy from highly efficient energy sources – CHP with production and heating heat supply (trigeneration plant).

Second, more than 95% reduction in perfluorinated mixture (PFC) emissions compared to 1995 levels.

Third, procurement for Austin energy production from renewable sources under Austin Energy’s GreenChoice program.

Finally, a reduction in normalized energy consumption by about 40% due to increased production efficiency.

The new goals outlined in the Global Climate Protection Plan are:

  • By 2021, reduce normalized greenhouse gas emissions by 33% compared to 2021;
  • Reduce normalized energy consumption by 40% by 2021 compared to 2021;
  • Continue to lead the industry in promoting awareness of the need for energy conservation.

Source: AMD

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