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New plugin Dr.Web for Thunderbird – anti-virus check of links from the mail client

Doctor Web announces the release of a new version of the anti-virus plug-in for the popular Internet browser Mozilla Firefox. The main distinguishing feature of this plugin is the combination of the ability to install it both directly in Mozilla Firefox and in
Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

Once installed in Mozilla Thunderbird, the Dr.Web provides anti-virus scanning of all Internet links that may be contained in emails. The importance of such a check is difficult to overestimate. Recently, Doctor Web experts have noted a significant increase in the number of spam emails that contain links to various Internet resources in their bodies. Checks show that these Internet resources are fraught with a serious threat – those who access them using the most widespread Internet browser Microsoft Internet Explorer risk getting a Trojan horse on their computer. An example of such a Trojan is Trojan.Packed.142, the protagonist of most recent spam emails. For those who do not use MS Internet Explorer to surf the Internet, the attackers have in store a large set of social engineering techniques to trick the user into making a fatal click on the ill-fated link.

Mozilla Thunderbird users armed with Dr’s new antivirus plugin.Web, can immediately check the reliability of any link contained in a newly received letter – this procedure will take them a few seconds, which will take them to download the contents of the Internet resource from the link to the Doctor Web server. In case of presence of a virus through a link or a dangerous page of interest to the user, a corresponding warning will be immediately displayed on the computer screen. Thus, this plug-in, provided to all Internet users completely free of charge, also contains an anti-phishing function, since very often it is through emails that cybercriminals try to direct online banking lovers to fake sites. Now, after checking the email links by means of the antivirus Dr.Web, the user will have a real opportunity to avoid the dangerous trap created for him by the hands of cyber criminals.

New plugin Dr.Web for Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird can be downloaded directly from the Mozilla website at this location.

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