Canon mf8500c series drivers.


Canon mf8500c series drivers





Canon mf8500c series drivers.


GlacialTech launches Igloo 5062 budget series of CPU coolers

Cooling specialist GlacialTech has expanded its portfolio with Igloo 5062 series coolers designed for desktop systems with LGA775 processor socket. In other words, Igloo 5062 coolers are designed for use with the following processors: Intel Core 2 Duo (65 W), Core 2 Extreme (75 W), Celeron D (84 W), Pentium 4 (84 W) and Pentium D (115 W).

The Igloo 5062 series is positioned as a replacement for the Igloo 5061 series and includes the Igloo 5062 Silent, Igloo 5062 Light, Igloo 5062 and Igloo 5062 PWM models, which have various noise levels and performance. Compared to coolers of the previous Igloo 5060 and 5061 series, products of the Igloo 5062 series, depending on the modification (Silent, Light, Regular, PWM), have increased performance (by 1.5-3 ° C) with a constant level of acoustic noise. In some cases, the noise is even lower than that of previous models, by 1-2 dB. As in the case of the Igloo 5061, the design of the Igloo 5062 is based on an aluminum radiator weighing about 340 g.

The company considers the main consumers of new products to be assemblers of budget PCs with a processor socket LGA775. The expected appearance of the Igloo 5062 series in Russia – August 2021.

Source: GlacialTech

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