Add some copper: GlacialTech introduces Igloo 5062 Cu series of coolers for Intel processors

GlacialTech, a cooling specialist, has announced the Igloo 5062Cu series of CPU coolers for Intel desktop systems with an LGA775 socket.

In particular, products of the Igloo 5062Cu series are suitable for cooling Intel Core 2 Duo (65 W), Core 2 Extreme (130 W), Celeron D (84 W), Pentium 4 (115 W) and Pentium D (130 W) microprocessors.

In fact, Igloo 5062Cu is a modification of the Igloo 5062 series, featuring a copper insert in the radiator. Compared to coolers of the predecessor series, which has a purely aluminum radiator, the cooling capacity of Igloo5062Cu coolers is improved by about 3 degrees.

The Igloo 5062Cu series includes models with different noise levels and performance: Igloo 5062Cu Silent, Igloo 5062Cu Light, Igloo 5062Cu, Igloo 5062Cu PWM.

The expected start time of sales in Russia is the end of August 2021, and the estimated retail price is $ 9.

Source: GlacialTech

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