Qisda BR1000 only reads Blu-ray discs, BR1001 also writes

Under the Qisda brand (recall, this name was chosen by BenQ) a device for reading optical discs BD-ROM – BR1000, intended for internal installation, and an external device with the ability to write BD-R and BD-RE discs – BR1001.

The company considers the main consumers of BR1000 to be users interested in viewing high-definition video recordings. If you need the recording functionality of previous generation optical discs, you will need to include a second drive in the system configuration. Interestingly, this option turns out to be cheaper than buying a “combo” drive that supports reading BD-ROMs and writing DVDs and CDs, for example, the Pioneer BDC-S02, which costs $ 299. By the way, according to the manufacturer, the possibility of producing such “combo” drives under the Qisda brand is not being considered at all.

The BW1001 is capable of writing Blu-ray write-once (BD-R) at 4x, write-rewriteable (BD-RE) at 2x, DVD ± R at 12x, DVD ± R DL – 4x, DVD ± RW – 8x, CD-R – 32x and CD-RW – 24x.

Both devices are equipped with SATA interfaces.

The price of new products, indicated in the press release, is approximately $ 225 and $ 660, respectively. It is not yet clear when these drives will appear on the market, and in which regions of the world they will be supplied.

Source: BenQ

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