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Share your videos with friends, family, and the world. Mar 17,  · Laser Measurement Equipment That Anyone Can Learn to Master. Spike is an award-winning compact laser beam measurement device that makes it simple for anyone to get correct and comprehensive measurements in imperial or metric units. Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Tube clip barrel mount fits for mm tube. Laser Class:Class IIIA, Output Power: ≤5mW, range from m day time, up to m at night/5().


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Versatility. Value. Next Chapter Properties has been specializing in the development and management of superior-quality student apartment assets near major universities for over 10 years. Our experience doesn’t end there, we’ve gone on to expand our expertise beyond the traditional walk-up apartments. From three-story buildings to story. Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Tube clip barrel mount fits for mm tube. Laser Class:Class IIIA, Output Power: ≤5mW, range from m day time, up to m at night/5(). If you would like to download two encouraging, FREE full-length MP3s of Tony’s popular sermons: “The Sovereignty of God” and “How to Handle a Crisis,” you ca.
A smart laser measurement solution for field applications
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Quantum dots in semiconductors can be used for computation and teleportation

While scientists are coming up with more and more new ways to create quantum computers, a phenomenon no less interesting from a scientific point of view, quantum dots, can find application in teleportation – of course, also in quantum. Recall that the term “quantum teleportation” means the transfer of the quantum state of matter (in the particular case, individual atoms) in the form of not quite material electromagnetic radiation (namely, in the form of a photon with a certain energy, phase and polarization). In addition to its purely scientific value, this type of research activity is also very important for quantum cryptography that has already found practical application.

Scientists from Singapore’s Nanyang University of Technology report the results of a theoretical study of the properties of semiconductor quantum dots – nanoscopic objects containing, however, up to several thousand atoms. However, due to the fact that their wave functions in quantum dots are limited, these thousands of atoms behave like a single atom, at the same time, providing a more convenient class of objects for experiments (classical experiments with single atoms are most often carried out using magnetic traps).

The researchers described the process of transferring the quantum state of one point to another, as well as the dependence of the “entanglement” of states on the “quality” of teleportation. Recall that “entangled” quantum states have a common wave function, as a result of which manipulations on one state lead to the modification of another (this is the key principle in quantum cryptographic systems). Scientists have shown that with an increase in the degree of “entanglement” of the states of two quantum dots, the “quality of teleportation” will have to fall, which, in general, is quite understandable – when both states are identical, there is no need to transfer anything between the two quantum dots.

And although this work is theoretical, the researchers nevertheless gave their thoughts on how to create such quantum dots using self-assembly technologies at room temperature. What is also very important, scientists have estimated such a parameter as the time of decohering and believe that semiconductor quantum dots may well function as elements of a quantum computer at room temperature. However, the final answer to the question – is it good or bad for quantum computing and cryptography, only experiment.

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