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AMD Bulldozer Redefines Next Gen CPU Technology

AMD Fusion chip will be supplied by the company in two variants – for desktop
PCs and servers and for other custom electronics.
The processor core used in it received a new
code designation – Bulldozer (see.
slides below). Since the presentation
K8 is a completely new architecture.

Bulldozer was not chosen
accidentally. Phil Hester, Head of AMD
on the development of new technologies, said that it is based on the idea of ​​a bulldozer,
capable of moving a large amount of soil in a short period of time. New
the core will become a powerful base for future solutions focused on application in
various applications. Bulldozer is the name AMD gave to one of the architecture’s processor cores

AMD Bulldozer

Time of appearance on the market of solutions based on the Bulldozer core
– 2021, at the same time the third generation of processors will be released
Opteron (Sandtiger) and platforms for them. AMD M-SPACE’s modular approach allows you to use
different sets of processor properties for different applications.

The basic principles of M-SPACE are:

  • Modularity;
  • Scalability;
  • Mobility;
  • Availability
    and openness;

  • Compatibility and efficiency.

This set of words hides great opportunities (according to the company’s plans) for building systems that can be reconfigured for different tasks
in order to achieve higher efficiency, the possibility of a linear increase in productivity at
solving single-threaded and multi-threaded tasks, the use of energy-efficient technologies for use in mobile systems, openness to the implementation of innovative solutions, backward compatibility and upgradeability, the use of efficient embedded I / O systems.

Sandtiger processors – 8-16 Bulldozer cores.
AMD promises
dramatic increase in performance per watt when using Bulldozer in high performance systems (HPC).

Unlike Barcelona and
Shanghai, which are improved representatives of the K8 architecture, the Bulldozer solution is completely new.

AMD reveals details on “Falcon” processor for “Copperhead”

M-SPACE technology will also find its application in Fusion chips. AMD plans to apply M-SPACE principles and properties to Falcon, Fusion processor for mobile and desktop systems. Falcon processors will be the centerpiece
the Copperhead platform planned by AMD for desktop systems during this period. Falcon will have 4 Bulldozer cores and will have integrated graphics c
support for DX10 (or by that time already 11) and Universal Video Decoder (UVD) technology.
It will also include memory and PCI Express controllers.

Sources: CNET, DailyTech

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