Dell wireless 1550.


Dell wireless 1550





Dell wireless 1550.


Rainbow Technologies: Controlling Fireware Pro 8.3 for UTM devices WatchGuard Firebox X

Rainbow Technologies Announces Passage of Fireware Pro Version 8 Operating System Inspection.3 for e-Series and X class Firebox X Core and Peak UTM devices.

Through the inspection process, users of both the Firebox X e-Series Core / Peak models and the previous X-Class Core / Peak range can use the latest certified version of the Fireware Pro 8 operating system.3. The advantages of this version are additional features and advanced functionality.

WatchGuard Firebox X is an integrated UTM (Unified Threat Management) solution for protecting computer networks of any scale from various types of threats and outside attacks. The devices provide the functions of a stateful firewall, VPN, Zero Day protection, gateway antivirus, attack prevention, application-level traffic filtering, spam blocking, website content filtering, etc. If necessary, it can be easily upgraded by purchasing additional licenses. Intuitive graphical user interface WSM (WatchGuard System Manager) allows you to centrally manage several different performance Firebox devices in complex geographically diverse networks. The use of these multifunctional, high-performance hardware and software systems allows you to significantly save IT resources that would be spent on managing and configuring a whole set of separate solutions.

Certified UTM devices Firebox X e-Series have been successfully implemented and function smoothly in a number of the largest Russian enterprises, ministries, departments, financial organizations, government agencies, etc.d.

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