Deskjet 990c driver windows 7.


Deskjet 990c driver windows 7





Deskjet 990c driver windows 7.


Cooler OCZ Vanquisher: compactness does not interfere with efficiency

With the newly introduced OCZ Vanquisher CPU cooler, according to the manufacturer, users won’t have to sacrifice efficiency for the sake of compactness.

It aggressively cools the CPU with a copper base and three heatpipes capable of dissipating up to 200W of heat.

Active airflow is provided by one 92mm low-noise fan.

Vanquisher is universal, it is designed to work with AMD Socket 754/939 / AM2 and Intel Socket 775 processors.

OCZ Vanquisher specifications:

  • Materials: copper base, aluminum heat sink
  • Fan speed: 800-2000 rpm./ min
  • Ceramic bearing
  • Radiator dimensions: 72 x 110 x 134 mm
  • Fan dimensions: 92 x 92 x 25 mm

In addition to the cooler itself, the delivery set includes fasteners and thermal paste. Manufacturer’s warranty is 1 year.

Source: OCZ

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