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Dsmobile 700d driver





Dsmobile 700d driver.


SanDisk expands Cruzer Micro to 8GB

SanDisk Cruzer Micro USB Mini Flash Drive Doubles Maximum Memory Capacity. Now a compact product about five centimeters long, about one centimeter thick and weighing about 10 grams can store up to 8 GB of information. The company estimates that this is the equivalent of 1,600 ultra-high resolution stills (5 MB each), 2,000 songs (4 minutes MP3 128-Kbps) or five hours of video (MPEG4, 30 fps, 640 x 480 pixels).

Other features of the Cruzer Micro are:

  • Retractable USB connector eliminates the need for a protective cap and protects contacts from damage and contamination;
  • Amber LED backlight to let you know when the device is active
  • U3 Smart Technology, which provides the ability to run applications from the memory of the drive, without prior installation. The list of U3-compatible software that comes with the drives includes Skype voice communication, CruzerSync file synchronization tool, SignupShield Passwords password manager and McAfee antivirus trial.

The company promises to begin shipping Cruzer Micro 8 GB worldwide in mid-September. It is estimated that the price of this device in the US will be $ 130. Four smaller storage options are currently available: 512MB ($ 15), 1GB ($ 25), 2GB ($ 40), and 4GB ($ 70).

Source: SanDisk

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