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ITRI ​​Shows Flexible Displays at FPD Expo Taiwan 2021

The Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) recently unveiled several products related to the next generation of flexible displays. In particular, at FPD Expo Taiwan 2021 ending today, a 7-inch color display based on an active liquid crystal matrix (AM LCD) and a 10.4-inch Cholesteric LCD (Ch-LC) were shown.

The first of these products is made on a transparent plastic substrate developed by ITRI specialists using ultra-low-temperature amorphous silicon thin-film transistors and a flexible light filter. Screen resolution – 640×480 pixels (VGA), number of displayed colors – 4096. The brightness of the glow is equal to 100 cd / sq.m, screen weight – 30.2 g.

At the heart of the 10.4-inch Ch-LC display is PVF (pixelized vacuum filling) technology, which allows you to create multi-color effects using a single layer containing liquid crystals, from which sub-pixels of red, green and blue are formed. This approach is said to have reduced the thickness of the display by 50% compared to conventional three-column Ch-LCDs. In addition, the viewing angle has been increased. An important advantage of Ch-LCD is the presence of a memory effect that allows you to reduce power consumption – such screens are well suited for devices where information is updated only from time to time, remaining unchanged during breaks, for example, in e-books. The resolution of the screen shown at the exhibition was 320×240 pixels (QVGA).

Source: DigiTimes

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