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Security: ZoneAlarm v.7.one.078.000

New versions of ZoneAlarm have been released, a powerful yet convenient and easy-to-learn firewall that can solve the security problems of your PC when working on a local network or the Web, including wireless networks. The program has flexible rules settings. In addition to the existing 6 default ones (3 for each of the Local / Internet zones), the user can configure the security levels independently. Conveniently implemented an application filter (access list), which allows you to set the rights for each program, striving for freedom.

ZoneAlarm supports digital signature verification, maintains a detailed event log file and has tools for analyzing it, with the subsequent issuance of text and graphic information. There is a possibility of instant automatic or manual blocking of access of applications to the Internet, as well as automatic check of e-mail attachments. The program implements customizable cookie control, which blocks the transfer of personal information about the user to websites. The function of blocking advertising banners and pop-ups allows you to get rid of annoying ads, which significantly accelerates the speed of loading pages on the WWW.

Nothing is known about the new version yet. More details can be read here soon.

Download ZoneAlarm v.7.one.078.000 can be found at the following addresses (Windows All):

  • Free (17.6 MB, Freeware)
  • Security Suite (41.8 MB, Shareware)
  • with Antivirus (32.8 MB, Shareware)

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