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Web browsers: Opera v.nine.23 Build 8805/3691/652 Beta

A new beta has been released for the updated version of the well-known Opera ninth series web browser, which is a good alternative to programs such as Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, but unlike its competitors, it has a number of positive differences: it takes up less space, works faster, has a pleasant interface and the ability to change skins, supports MDI / SDI technologies, has additional capabilities for processing web pages, working with bookmarks, etc.d. It is possible to view pages designed for mobile devices. Opera is absolutely free.

This release mainly fixes bugs. Read more on this page.

Download Opera v.nine.23 Beta is available from here (Freeware):

  • For Windows Build 8805 (6.3 MB, no Java)
  • For Windows Build 8805 Classic (4.0 MB, no Java)
  • For Mac Build 3691 (11.3 MB, no Java)
  • For Unix Build 657 (size varies)

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