Gadget serial v2 4.


Gadget serial v2 4





Gadget serial v2 4.


Toshiba: new white LEDs make LCD screens even brighter

Toshiba America Electronic Components (TAEC) recently announced new compact and
high efficiency white light emitting diodes (LED).
A feature of the novelty is a higher brightness, which is twice as high as
previous Toshiba models.

At a current of 20 mA, the new Toshiba TLWK1100B cells give a brightness of 1500
mcd. The design of the new LED allows it to be used in various
applications such as LCD backlighting. TLWK1100B
shipped in regular PLCC2 packaging and has dimensions 3.2?2.9?1.9 mm.
The white color of the glow is the result of the addition of the blue color emitted
InGaN-LED, and yellow phosphor.

The supply voltage of the LED is 3.2V, and its dissipation
power – 114 mW. The device is capable of operating over a wide temperature range
– from -40 ° С to + 100 ° С. The cost of a new Toshiba LED is 60 cents.

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