Hp 460 driver.


Hp 460 driver





Hp 460 driver.


16 RS-232 ports for PCI Express system – Sealevel COMM + 16 board.PCIe

Sealevel Systems, known for its solutions for increasing the number of serial ports (COM), claims that it is currently the only manufacturer to include a corresponding 16-port expansion card for PCI Express systems in its range. Product called COMM + 16.PCIe, has the maximum number of RS-232 ports among similar expansion cards.

Each serial port has a maximum baud rate of 460.8 Kbps. COMM + 16 board.PCIe is designed to work in the temperature range from 0 to + 70 ° C (there is also a version with an extended range that can withstand frost down to -40 ° C and heat up to + 85 ° C). The card is designed to be installed in a PCI Express x1 slot.

Includes DB-25M splitter cables (optional DB-9M) and SeaCOM software for Windows 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista and Linux.

Price COMM + 16.PCIe as listed by the manufacturer is $ 679.

Source: Sealevel Systems

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