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Anagran company, founded by one of the “fathers of the Internet”, presented its first product

Dr. Laurence Roberts, who once led the Internet development team, officially opened a new company called Anagran. At the same time, Anagran’s first product, the FR-1000 Flow Router, was unveiled, as stated in the official press release, “the only product designed to meet the needs of the next generation of wireless and video, voice and data applications.”. The key features of the FR-1000 are overcoming the bottlenecks typical of modern equipment working with the listed applications, extremely low power consumption and a price equal to only a fraction of the price of conventional Layer 3 routers.

Anagran FR-1000 Flow Router is based on patent pending technology. The new router is fully compatible with similar standard Layer 3 equipment, but performs “intelligent” analysis of traffic passing through it. According to the developers, the meaningful manifestation of network activity is not the packets themselves, but the streams corresponding to the transfer of certain types of information – video, static images, voice. Instead of treating traffic as a sequence of individual packets, the device, built on Anagran’s Fast Flow Routing architecture, treats each packet as part of a higher layer flow. This allows you to take into account priorities, efficiently use the bandwidth of channels, minimize delays and losses.

Among the innovations used in the router are Intelligent Flow Discard and Behavioral Traffic Control technologies, which ensure the rational use of network capabilities. It is important that, according to Anagran, FR-1000 can reduce the cost of networks tenfold. It is argued that this is possible due to a more complete utilization of resources, whereas when using conventional equipment, it is necessary to resort to an extensive increase in capacity.

The FR-1000 router can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure of the IP network and provides for operation in conjunction with other equipment. The company estimates that it uses 80% less power than existing routers.

Source: Anagran

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