Hp color laserjet 4730mfp driver.


Hp color laserjet 4730mfp driver





Hp color laserjet 4730mfp driver.


ECS 671T-M motherboard based on SiS671 chipset goes into production

SiS Announces ECS 671T-M Motherboard Based on SiS671 Chipset Officially Going into Production. It is positioned as the optimal solution for the mass market.

ECS 671T-M motherboard is aimed at general users. Powerful SiS671 chipset compatible with Windows Vista enables 671T-M to optimize system performance. SiS671 supports Intel Core 2 Duo / Pentium D / Pentium 4 / Celeron D processors and up to 4GB DDR2-667 / 533 memory. SiS proprietary HyperStreaming technology improves performance
the computer as a whole, managing data flows between the south and north bridges, as well as between peripherals and the chipset, the main bus, memory and the graphical interface. SiS671’s Mirage 3 graphics engine supports 2D and 3D graphics and improves picture quality in games and DVD playback. In addition, the SiS671 chipset is equipped with one PCI Express x16 slot supporting data transfer rates up to 4 Gb / s in each direction. Gamers, if desired, can improve graphics performance by installing an external graphics card.

SiS968 Southbridge in combination with SiS671 multiplies the capabilities of ECS 671T-M motherboard. It supports PCI Express x1 interface and has two high-speed Serial ATA connectors for faster data transfer when working with hard drive and DVD player. Four USB2 ports.0 allows you to connect a wide variety of electronic devices. Built-in high definition audio provides very high quality sound effects, and 10 / 100Mbps Ethernet controller makes it easy to connect to the Internet.

Source: Silicon Integrated Systems

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