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HP Deskjet Series Printers – Manual Two-Sided Printing. Introduction. Follow the instructions in this document to set up the printer for manual two-sided printing, also known as duplexing. The printer will then print on one side of the paper, prompt you to remove it and reinsert it, then it . Learn how to setup your HP Deskjet Printer series. These steps include unpacking, installing ink cartridges & software. Also find setup troubleshooting videos. HP Deskjet , , , , , and Printers – Printing Internal Tests. Introduction. This document explains how to perform built-in internal tests on specific HP Deskjet printers. The internal tests can be used to verify that the printer’s internal firmware is functioning properly. The tests do not verify that the computer and.


Hp deskjet 3600.HP Deskjet Series Printers – Manual Two-Sided Printing | HP® Customer Support

HP Deskjet Printer series Choose a different product series Warranty status: Unspecified – Check warranty status Manufacturer warranty has expired – See details Covered under Manufacturer warranty Covered under Extended warranty, months remaining month remaining days remaining day remaining – . Experience extreme reliability with the HP DesignJet XL Multifunciton plotter printer series for large format printing. View product details, benefits, and specifications here. HP Deskjet Series Printers – Manual Two-Sided Printing. Introduction. Follow the instructions in this document to set up the printer for manual two-sided printing, also known as duplexing. The printer will then print on one side of the paper, prompt you to remove it and reinsert it, then it .
hp deskjet 3600 series
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Overview of the virus situation in August 2021 from Doctor Web

The virus monitoring service of Doctor Web conducted an analysis of the virus situation in August 2021.

Undoubtedly, the main event of August was the further development of the situation related to the mass spam distribution of “storm” letters. During the first half of August, the authors used a time-tested social engineering method – disguised as a greeting card notification. In the body of such letters, the user was asked to follow the link and view the proposed postcard. Subsequently, the subject of such letters changed several times along with the content – it was proposed to watch a certain clip with the participation of the user himself on YouTube, then check the status of the account allegedly registered on a particular entertainment server. When following the links suggested in the letters using the Internet Explorer browser, the boot script was executed, embedded in the web page. This script is detected by the antivirus Dr.Web like VBS.Psyme.434. During the execution of the script, there was an arbitrary download and launch of a malicious program identified by Dr.Web as Trojan.Packed.142. As a result, the user’s computer became a bot in the Trojan.Packed.142 P2P networks and sent spam. In addition, Trojan.Packed.142 possibilities of organizing DDoS attacks.

In the second decade of August, the specialists of the Virus Monitoring Service of Doctor Web company discovered that the executable modules being downloaded were infected with a dangerous polymorphic virus named Dr.Web Win32.Virut.five. This virus infected all executable files and contained functions for managing infected computers using an IRC channel. Win32 infected.Virut.5 variants of Trojan executable modules.Packed.142 spread over several days. It should be noted that the Dr.Web, unlike many other antiviruses, not only detects, but also, importantly, heals files infected with Win32.Virut.five. Considering the scale of the spread of “storm” spam emails, delays in detection and treatment are unacceptable. In a certain way, I recall the situation of last year, when the polymorphic file virus Win32 was spread over peer-to-peer networks.Polipos and long time, except Dr.Web, no one detected it and did not cure the files infected by it.

Further spread of infected Win32.Virut.5 Trojan variants.Packed.142 stopped. Something similar happened in May of this year, when there was a powerful distribution of infected Win32.Virut variants of the Win32 mail worm.HLLM.Limar.

In addition, the spread of another file virus called Win32 was recorded.Scproj.7573. This virus infects all executable files on computer hard drives and removable drives. The virus, as a rule, does not change the size of the victim’s original file, writing in the area of ​​zero bytes. Infection is not accompanied by any visual effects, its signs can be Explorer errors, messages of certain programs about violation of the integrity of their executable files, and.t.P. The virus intercepts access to the network from infected applications, therefore it can bypass firewall security policies for trusted applications. It contains links in its body by which it can receive instructions for its further actions. After a certain time after launching the infected Explorer, the virus scans network resources for writable network folders, and, if any, infects all executable files in them.

Also worth mentioning is the proliferation of new modifications of the well-known Win32 mass-mailing worm family.HLLM.Beagle, but no epidemic happened.

Results of spam activity in August 2021

There were several spam emails this month. The first, and most ambitious – the above-mentioned distribution of “storm letters”. The second is the mailing of correspondence containing PDF files as an attachment. Third wave – emails with the subject Here is the news you have been waiting for. These letters are sent from computers hit by Storms – Trojan.Packed.142. The following trend should be noted – spam emails have acquired “viral” features: catchy headers, offers to read a document, important information (typical for Win32.HLLM.Netsky), a report from the server about the inability to deliver correspondence (typical for Win32 mail worms.HLLM.MyDoom, Win32.HLLM.Limar), ZIP attachments and.t.P.

The rest of the spam, against the background of the above mailings, was not so large-scale. It should be noted that the share of self-advertising of spammers offering to organize mailing of correspondence to entrepreneurs has increased in Russian-language spam. Of course, “commercial spam” traditionally has high rates with offers to attend accounting seminars, seminars on tax reporting and.t.P. Decreased presence of “cultural spam”.

In August 2021, the Dr.Web added 14474 entries.

Short table of online check results for the month:

We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the summary table of viruses most often detected on mail servers in August 2021:

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