Hp laserjet 2200 driver.


Hp laserjet 2200 driver





Hp laserjet 2200 driver.


Winbond Launches Industry First Quad-SPI Flash

Serial Flash is in high demand in a wide variety of electronic devices. Benefits over parallel flash memory in a reduced pin count and a more compact package. This allows you to reduce the size of printed circuit boards, simplify their design, reduce power consumption, electromagnetic noise level and the cost of final products. It is no coincidence, according to analysts, that Serial Flash shipments have grown by 400% since 2021 and, at the moment, this memory accounts for half of the market for low-density NOR flash memory devices (1-16 Mbit).

At the Industry Flash Memory Summit, Winbond Electronics Announces the Industry’s First Serial Flash Memory with Quad-SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface). The W25Q16 chips are 16 Mbit and are part of the SpiFlash family of 8 to 64 Mbit products with single, double and quadruple I / O interfaces in a cost-effective and compact 8-pin package.

According to the manufacturer, W25Q16 chips with Quad-SPI interface are more than six times faster than current generation Serial Flash devices and represent a real alternative in terms of the possibility of allocating executable code (XIP) of Parallel-NOR memory.

The W25Q16 SpiFlash is based on the popular Winbond W25X family. Maintaining functionality and pin assignment compatibility with other 25X products, the new memory gains Dual-I / O and Quad-I / O SPI interfaces. It supports clock speeds up to 80 MHz, providing Quad-SPI with an equivalent data transfer rate of 320 MHz (transfer rate – 40 Mb / s), which is more than six times faster than conventional Serial Flash operating at 50 MHz. In addition to the increased baud rate, the 25Q16 has a 70% reduction in random access overhead – the number of clock cycles required to complete a read operation has been reduced from 40 to 12. Efficient Random Access Is a Key XIP Requirement. Taking a typical instruction sample size of 32 bytes, we can say that the W25Q16 provides random reads at 32 MB / s. It is 50% faster than 16-bit Asynchronous Parallel Flash (access time – 70 ns, cycle time – 100 ns).

Chips W25Q16VSSIG are already available for order.

Source: Winbond Electronics

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