Hp laserjet 4240 drivers.


Hp laserjet 4240 drivers





Hp laserjet 4240 drivers.


DLO unveils new FM transmitter for iPod

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) Unveils TuneStik with Remote for Apple iPods, Including FM Transmitter and Miniature RF Remote.

The TuneStik FM Transmitter lets you listen to your iPod music using any FM tuner-equipped audio system – from alarm clock radio to car stereo. It is equipped with a standard dock connector, which allows synchronization and recharging of the player’s internal battery without disconnecting the accessory.

According to the company, the remote control provides the ability to control the playback process from a distance of up to 13 meters.

DLO TuneStik with Remote set cost – $ 60.

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