Hp laserjet m3035 driver.


Hp laserjet m3035 driver





Hp laserjet m3035 driver.


VIA loses customers and is going to focus on its own chipsets

According to the source, sales of VIA Technologies products in the first half of the year decreased by 35%, compared to the same period a year ago. Price war between Intel and AMD cited as the reason. Seasonal decline led to an additional decrease in VIA sales by 18.9% during June.

Intel is pushing hard to regain lost market share, VIA says, leading to a price war and heightened competition. As a result, the gross margin (the difference between sales revenue and cost of sales) for VIA processors and chipsets has dropped to its historic low.

The company hopes for an improvement in the second half of the year, when demand for new chipsets is expected to increase due to the spread of Microsoft Vista. In the meantime, VIA plans to develop chipsets for desktop and notebook PCs with support for DDR3, SATA (3Gb / s) and onboard graphics supporting DirectX 9/10. In addition, the company plans to create single-chip solutions for embedded systems.

At the same time, since the issue of licensing the 1333 MHz FSB bus from Intel has not yet been resolved, VIA Technologies, according to unverified data, is going to curtail the release of chipsets altogether. In turn, sources from among the PC makers working with VIA claim that the company has no such plans and will instead switch from chipsets for processors from other manufacturers to its own C7 platform.

The C7 platform is well suited for multimedia devices, embedded applications (thin clients, industrial PCs and POS), home and mobile computers.

Source: DigiTimes

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