Hp laserjet m4555 mfp driver.


Hp laserjet m4555 mfp driver





Hp laserjet m4555 mfp driver.


BRD-UXH6 / BRD-SH6B – Low Cost HD DVD and Blu-ray I-O DATA Drives with Blu-ray Disc Burner

I-O DATA has announced the release of
a new optical disc drive that can equally well
use to read HD DVD and Blu-ray discs, – model BRD-SH6B.
In addition to her, a portable version has been released – BRD-UXH6.


The BRD-SH6B drive is connected to a computer via Serial ATA, and the BRD-UXH6 model
has 2 USB interfaces.0 and eSATA.


Feature of the BRD-SH6B / BRD-UXH6
is that drives are not only capable of reproducing data,
recorded in both formats, but can also burn Blu-ray discs, both DL / R and
RE. In addition, it is stated that the BRD-SH6B does this quite quickly (at a speed
6x for BD-R SL), 25 GB data recorded in less than 22 minutes. Compared to I-O DATA
BRD-M2S is twice as fast (21.33 min. against 46.18

Deliveries of the BRD-SH6B drive will begin in September, and its price will be
~ 535 USD. Model BRD-UXH6 is rated by the manufacturer
at 580 dollars.

Source: I-O DATA

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