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Sapphire Gemini HD 2600 X2 DUAL: second dual-GPU with DX10

Following GeCube, AMD’s largest partner in the field of video cards, Sapphire, is preparing to release its motherboard based on two RV630XT graphics processors.

Sapphire Gemini HD 2600 X2 DUAL differs from GeCube Gemini 3 Dual GPU Radeon HD 2600XT, it seems, only in the cooling system. However, the source who was the first to publish information about the Sapphire product claims that it uses DDR3 memory, which certainly gives it some advantage over the GeCube solution, where two fairly fast chips can run into slow DDR2.

Gemini HD 2600 X2 DUAL supports UVD, DirectX 10, CrossFire, dual-link DVI quad display.

Frequencies of Gemini HD 2600 X2 DUAL are not reported, but in the part of the GPU they can be assumed with a high degree of confidence – from 700 to 800 MHz.

Just like GeCube, Sapphire will release two versions of its “twins”, differing in memory size – 512 or 1024 MB.

Source: Beyond3D

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