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Hp m602 drivers





Hp m602 drivers.


Panda Software: Virus & Intrusion Weekly Report (31 week 2021)

This week’s traditional PandaLabs report will look at two worms – RogueMario.A and USBWorm.A as well as the Kangen Trojan.F.

RogueMario.A is a worm that showcases the base version of the well-known Super Mario game. He does this in order to hide his malicious activities.

“Imagine a user receives an email with an attachment that supposedly contains a Super Mario game. He launches the file and sees the game instead of an error message – of course, the likelihood that he realizes that his PC is infected is negligible, ”explains Luis Corrons, CTO at PandaLabs.

RogueMario.A makes changes to some of the system settings – such as currency and country settings, default username, etc. Also, the worm forcibly closes some monitoring programs, including HijackThis – v1.99.1 and Multikiller2.

In the registry, it creates several keys in order to run on every boot of the system. In addition, it edits the Windows registry with the aim of changing performance and other aspects of the system, and also schedules a task to run every day at a specific time.

In addition to all of the above, this worm creates several copies of itself on infected computers under names such as Explorer.exe or Mario.exe. For distribution, he creates several more copies of himself under the names Legend.exe or Kartu.exe on all available removable media and also sends them out as email attachments.

USBWorm.A is a worm that spreads by copying itself to removable media such as USB memory sticks. It copies two files to all media: autorun.inf and more.exe. The first of these files launches the second, which performs a series of malicious actions every time the media is connected to the computer.

One of these actions is to change the appearance of the Windows folder and the desktop file.ini, the following message is added to the title bar of all Windows folders – “^ _ ^ Hello, I’m a hot boy but I am very cool ^ _ ^”.

This worm creates copies of itself on the system under various names, and also tries to add its own autorun file.inf – with which it runs, in the right-click menu.

Kangen.F is a Trojan that appears in the system as an icon with a tank. He creates several copies of himself on his computer, and also uploads several files to it, including a link to a web page with a message in Indonesian.

It edits the Windows registry to run on every system startup. In addition, he tries to change the username and the name of the organization to which the operating system is registered. Kangen.F is distributed as an email attachment or as part of an Internet download.

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