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Digital cameras are getting cheaper this year and selling better than expected

Digital camera shoppers’ appetite has gone so far this year that sales have grown twice as fast as expected. The main reason is that consumers often replaced their devices with newer ones, succumbing to the charm of low prices. This is the conclusion that IDC analysts have come to, according to a source who has read the latest report “Updated Worldwide Digital Camera Forecast”.

Global digital camera shipments will grow 15% over the year, IDC says. This is double the previously mentioned 7.5%. Thus, the downward trend in growth rates that has emerged over the past four years seems to have been overcome.

Cameras are becoming a “trendy thing,” like miniature cell phones and MP3 players, according to one IDC analyst.

At the same time, the popularity of cameras was influenced by the fact that they dropped significantly in price and moved into the category of so-called “impulse purchases” – goods, the decision to purchase of which is made on the basis of an emotional factor, and not a utilitarian one, without preliminary preparation, right at the point of sale. This is especially true for the US, Japanese and European markets.

The arrival of cameras with multi-colored bodies and cameras for less than $ 200 confirms these considerations.

At the same time, the report says that the average number of cameras per owner (family with a camera) has remained at the same level as a year ago – 1.4 pieces. The fact is, according to IDC experts, consumers are updating their camera park faster than expected. Well, kudos to the marketing departments of camera manufacturers – they don’t eat their bread for nothing.

As for DSLR cameras, the situation here is even more interesting – this category, previously associated with professionals and photography enthusiasts, is gradually becoming the locomotive of the industry. This is facilitated by lower prices and simplified cameras to reach a more mainstream consumer segment.

Average temperature in the hospital… sorry, the price of a digital camera, including entry-level point-and-shoot cameras and professional DSLRs, will decline by about 13% this year to $ 307 (up from $ 352 last year).

In the long term, the average price of the camera will drop to $ 250 by 2021, according to IDC, and the volume of shipments will rise to 138 million. pieces.

Source: Reuters

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