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Can iWork replace Office??

The updated office suite Apple iWork ’08 is a worthy product, but it is in many ways inferior to its main competitor – Microsoft Office, according to the well-known columnist for The Wall Street Journal Walt Mossberg.

In particular, Mossberg says that one of the weaknesses of the iWork package is the absence of an analogue of Outlook – a program that combines the functions of an address book, calendar, organizer and email client.

The Pages text editor, according to Mossberg, is also significantly inferior in functionality to Microsoft Word – it lacks, for example, the function of quickly counting the number of words in the text, and the functions of automatic text correction are incomparably weaker than those of the competitor. New member of iWork suite, Numbers spreadsheet editor, works with only half of the features available in Excel, says journalist.

Nevertheless, the new version of iWork made a very good impression on the browser. While the package is less than half the price of Microsoft Office, it is perfectly suitable for everyday use, and the presentation program, Keynote, according to Mossberg, significantly surpasses PowerPoint in terms of usability.

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