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Microsoft is going to enter the ready-made PC market?

Does Microsoft plan to develop, manufacture and sell PCs under its own brand in the US (and other countries) market? It is known that the company is already doing this without much ado in India – we are talking about Microsoft PC. It is possible that India has been selected as a testing ground before entering a larger market.

Microsoft has been accused of repeating Apple’s ideas for the OS interface for years. What prevents you from copying the product concept as a whole? After all, isn’t that what Microsoft tried to do with the Zune after seeing the success of the Apple iPod?

Microsoft has experience in developing and selling PC peripherals. Moreover, Xbox game consoles can be viewed as an attempt to enter the market of ready-made computers, albeit specialized. It is possible that the entire Xbox project is a test of strength, part of a global strategy to release ready-made PCs of its own design.

One of the advantages of the release of hardware and software by the same manufacturer could be increased reliability and elimination of problems associated with the lack of drivers, version incompatibility and other “inconsistencies” familiar to most PC users.

Of course, the PC makers who build their Windows OS products are unlikely to be thrilled by the emergence of such a powerful competitor. But they have almost nowhere to go: the only alternative at the moment is Linux, and there are no signs that this OS will become really popular in the desktop PC market, at least in the near future.

However, it is difficult to say how reasonable the hypothesis that Microsoft is hatching plans to release its own PC is – it remains only to wait.

Source: MarketWatch

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