Intel 82802 firmware hub device.


Intel 82802 firmware hub device





Intel 82802 firmware hub device.


Intel will ditch the Viiv and vPro brands?

Intel next year
intends to simplify its strategy of promoting new processors. Two of
brands available for this purpose are expected to be phased out.

Stickers with the Viiv and vPro logos will remain for some time
an integral part of the systems sold on the Centrino platform, but soon
time and they will disappear.

First shown at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show, Viiv-PC
positioned as a computer for creating centers for home
entertainment centers and cinemas. However, the buyers were never able to
match the brand associated with the “five” with something that will somehow help them
when choosing a computer for the HTPC role. Much more
the company’s brand promotion campaigns were successful
Centrino and Core.

As they say at Intel, they are not yet digging graves for
Viiv and vPro. Most likely, in the near future, the resuscitation of two unsuccessful brands
will be produced by the efforts of the company’s copywriters using the word “Core”,
which is now on everyone’s lips and is associated with something strictly positive (not
counting, of course, competitors represented by AMD).
Accordingly, next year, buyers will see a PC with the “Core 2 with
Viiv “or something similar, noted the branding strategist
by Vince Thomas.

“Centrino” will continue to mean high mobility with the ability
wireless connection, and “Core” – everything else,
user segment. In turn, the prefixes “Duo” and
“Quad” will gradually separate from “Core” and “Core 2”.

The strategy for successfully promoting and using the Pentium name is likely,
will be used this time too, and we may soon see
Core3 (or Core III)
and Core4, the source notes.
Thus, Nehalem processors can
get exactly this designation. So far, these assumptions do not carry
official character. What is known for sure – Centrino is not going anywhere, but
instead of vPro (business-class laptops) the term Centrino Pro will be used.
Centrino’s success stems from the abandonment of desktops and
gradual transition to mobile solutions, technologies and brands of which are actively
advertised and promoted by Intel since 2021.

As for the Viiv and vPro brands, they remained subsidiary,
users and potential buyers never realized that “Viiv is a home
a top-class entertainment computer for the Digital Home “and” vPro is a PC
top class for business “.

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