Intel 82945g driver.


Intel 82945g driver





Intel 82945g driver.


Transcend launches 32GB ExpressCard / 34 SSD

Delayed a bit with the release of its next solid-state drive equipped with an ExpressCard / 34 interface, which is rare for such devices (which, for sure, owners of laptops equipped with a PCMCIA connector, of which there are many), will regret it. She presented the model TS32GSSD34E-M, whose volume is 32 GB.

She demonstrated a similar product along with smaller drives back in March at CeBIT, however, the latter have been on sale for a good three months, and the flagship product remained only in the manufacturer’s plans.

New compatible with USB 2 interfaces.0 (an adapter that allows you to use the SSD as a regular USB storage included) and PCI Express.

The drive is equipped with error correction (ECC), which improves the reliability of data recording.

Supports Vista ReadyBoost technology, which allows you to speed up your PC experience with the lower latency of flash memory used in SSDs compared to traditional hard drives.

Source: Transcend

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