Intel(r) 8 series/c220 series usb ehci.


Intel(r) 8 series/c220 series usb ehci





Intel(r) 8 series/c220 series usb ehci.


QLogic begins testing industry first 8 Gbps Fiber Channel products

Storage and high-performance networking solutions company QLogic today announced that it is testing its product line of 8 Gb / s Fiber Channel switches and adapters.

Product introductions are ready for major OEM shipment. New items are designed for applications that demand maximum performance. They claim double the bandwidth of standard 4 Gbps Fiber Channel products. At the same time, the developers have retained backward compatibility of new devices, both with 4-Gbps equipment (an example of the corresponding adapter is in the picture) and with models using 2 Gbps.

The 8 Gb Fiber Channel product portfolio includes single and dual port adapters, blade adapters and switches.

QLogic partners are the largest suppliers of equipment and end-to-end solutions – Cisco, Dell, EMC, Hitachi Data Systems, HP, IBM, Network Appliance and Sun Microsystems.

Source: QLogic

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