Invidia geforce 8400m gs.


Invidia geforce 8400m gs





Invidia geforce 8400m gs.


Pano Logic offers “computers” without processor, memory and OS for $ 20 per month

Pano Logic has announced the release of what it claims is the first fully hardware-based desktop virtualization solution. At the heart of the development is the architecture created by Pano Logic, according to the authors of the official press release, “superior to desktop PCs”. In short, the Pano device allows you to connect a keyboard, mouse display, audio and USB peripherals over an IP network to a server running Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows XP.

Moving the center of gravity from the desktop to the server results in Pano being out of CPU, memory, OS and drivers. The company estimates that this reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) by 70% compared to conventional PCs, and eliminates the PC as a source of vulnerability. By leveraging the functionality provided by server-side virtualization, Pano brings not only the full capabilities of Microsoft Windows, including USB support, but also a new set of important features “not available in the case of desktops and thin clients.”.

In particular, Pano does not need software updates, helps to minimize the need to call technicians to the workplace, provides centralized installation and modernization of programs, eliminates the risk of exposure to malware at the client system level, and effectively distributes server resources between all workstations. In addition, Pano has an extremely low power consumption of approximately 5W, which is 3% of the power consumption of a typical PC.

The solutions offered by the company include Pano desktop devices and server software running in a virtual environment. For those who are just getting started with the benefits of virtualization, the company has included an installer that deploys the entire set of software, including VMware Server, which allows you to get the system up and running in a matter of minutes. If the virtual environment is already deployed, Pano Server can be installed over existing VMware ESX.

Pano is due to start shipping in September. Interestingly, the company provides a monthly payment scheme – a “subscription” will cost the customer $ 20 per workplace; there is an opportunity to purchase a perpetual license.

Source: Pano Logic

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