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Swiftech unveils its vision for the liquid cooling revolution

Swiftech presented two novelties in the field of liquid cooling of PC components.

Apogee Drive 350 is a processor water block with a built-in pump with a capacity of 330 liters per hour. This solution, according to the manufacturer, provides increased compactness, ease of installation, coupled with a low price.

The solution is compatible with processors with Socket 775 (Pentium 4, Core Duo, Core 2 Duo, Extreme), Socket 754, 939, 940 (AMD), Socket AM2 (AMD), Socket F (AMD).

Apogee Drive 350 will go on sale in mid-August for $ 100.

Apogee Drive 350 will be available not only as a standalone cooling unit, but also as part of the newly announced H20-120 kit.

In addition to the water block with pump, it includes a 120 mm radiator with a built-in coolant reservoir.

Thus, buyers of H20-120 instead of the standard four components of liquid CO (water block, pump, reservoir, radiator) will be able to get by with just two.

It is easy to understand that Swiftech is trying to make its cooling systems as close as possible to the mass user, who will thus be free from additional problems in the placement of a bulky cooling system in the case, its complex installation, etc.P.

The already sold Swiftech H20-120 kit costs $ 160.

Source: Swiftech

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