Laserjet 4000 driver.


Laserjet 4000 driver





Laserjet 4000 driver.


Samwell Universal 7 “UMPC

At the last exhibition Computex Taipei 2021
different products were shown, new and not so. Among them, an unnoticed novelty before
today remained the compact ultra mobile computer shown here by Samwell.

UMPC “PC657” is equipped with a 7 “touch screen, which has a resolution of 800×480 pixels,
VIA processor – C7M, operating at a frequency
1.2GHz 512MB DDR2 Network
controller with 802 support.11b / g and Bluetooth,
built-in camera, CF flash memory card (up to 8
GB) as your primary storage and it all works
running Windows XP Pro.

In addition, DVB-H is optionally provided
tuner, GPS receiver, 1.8 “hard drive 30-80 GB and
fingerprint reader. Expansion slots can accommodate
readers for SD / MMC cards.

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