Linksys eg1032 driver.


Linksys eg1032 driver





Linksys eg1032 driver.


iPodJuice offers its own iPhone battery

Milliamp, under the iPodJuice brand, offers a battery of its own production for the new Apple iPhone mobile phone.

The iPodJuice iPhone battery has the same specifications as the original Apple battery and is fully compatible with the new phone, according to the manufacturer. The company guarantees battery life for ten (!) years.

The cost of the battery is $ 33, however, the company is currently running a promotional campaign, in which the new product can be purchased for $ 25. At the same time, the owner of the phone will also have to pay another $ 20-70 for installing and shipping the phone, of course, if he has no desire to disassemble the phone and solder the wires on his own.

The company does not comment on the validity of Apple’s warranty after replacing the original battery.

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