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Rambus tricks Taiwanese DRAM makers to side with XDR

According to the source, Rambus is actively engaging with DRAM manufacturers in Taiwan to try to convince them to adopt the high-speed XDR memory architecture, as it believes the industry is underestimating the need for memory bandwidth in multi-core architectures.

To date, only Samsung Electronics, Qimonda and Elpida have entered into appropriate licensing agreements allowing them to use XDR.

At the same time, Intel and AMD are aggressively pushing the industry’s transition to multi-core processors. Rambus cites research data, according to which, in 2021, multi-core processors were used in 34.4% of PCs, in 2021 this share should increase to 67.7%, and by 2021 it will be 100%.

Unlike processor makers who are pushing the idea of ​​multi-core, DRAM companies have a rather low-key interest in the technology, Rambus said. According to the company, in the future, multi-core architectures may raise memory bandwidth requirements well above the limits available for DDR2 and DDR3 memory, so a transition to another architecture is necessary.

Some of the well-known products that already use XDR include the Sony PlayStation 3.

Source: DigiTimes

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